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German language skills will open a new chapter of your life.

Get these skills easily, online and with a long lasting proof through certificates.

Our Story

There was a journey

From Austria to Dominican Republic. Our founder Andrea went to see the world and work in a voluntary project. Facing everyday life with no Spanish skills, she's chatting with hand and feet. Struggled. But also made connections. Not much later, while studying in Vienna to become a German language teacher, she goes to Spain and feels it again - the little successes when learning a language step by step. Every new vocabular a celebration inside. Wow.

Many years of university studies

After travelling the world, living abroad and going digitally native, it was clear that learning a language online has incredible value and - it's fun. So is getting proof of your language skills on an official paper as well.

With dafly we invite you join the journey with German

We invite you to join the journey of speaking the language of Europe's heart. Grab the possibilities of connecting, living, studying in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and beyond!


German learners with dafly.


Successfully passed German exams.


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Dipl.Ing. MMag.
Andrea Wiltberger

Founder & CEO. Dedicated to bring people forward. Passionate about language as a door opener. Digital nomad lover. Studies in teaching German language & psychology & philosophy, cultural anthropology and agricultural economy in Vienna and Spain.

Andrea Wiltberger

Alexander Rüther

Content strategy. Teaching German as a foreign language in multiple ways. Lecturer of German as a foreign language at the university Münster, Germany.

Alexander Rüther