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We help you to train German, understand grammar and know exactly what to expect at the TestDaF exam.


In 5 easy steps you will become competent and fluent in German

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How much time should I plan for the doing the course?

The course including the videos, doing exercises and fullfilling tasks will take you between 80 - 100 hours, depending on your studying speed and intensity. This will enable you to assuredly make the step from one language level to the next and get great results at German certification exams.

What does the dafly course contain?

The course contains videos with our teacher Andrea (German native) alongside of graphics, explanations and examples. Every video contains also tasks for you to practice instantly. Furthermore there is training and learning material coming with every video and content field to make your training complete.

The pro version of the course gives you the possibility to submit certain tasks (written, oral) and get individual, detailed feedback from our certified teachers.

When & where can I submit my tasks to get feedback?

When you do a pro course, you can submit the tasks that are marked accordingly via the dafly online platform. You can do that anytime within your subscription.

How long does it take to get feedback on my tasks online?

Between 3 and 7 days.

Which payment options do I have?

Payment is possible via bank transfer or credit card. You will get an email with your successful subscription and access to the course after your purchase.

How long do I have access to the course?

After you subscribe, you have 3 months access. After 3 months, your subscription switches into a monthly one (10,- EUR per month). You can unsubscribe anytime.

Does it matter which mother tongue I speak?

No, the dafly courses are suitable for any mother tongue. The courses are given in German.

Are the course videos coming with subtitles?

Yes, it is possible to watch the videos with German subtitles.

Where can I get the TestDaF-certification?

The TestDaF institute is taking certification exams all over the world. When you reach a TestDaF certification on Niveau 4 (scale starts from 1), you can apply to all German speaking universities instantly. It is also the best language certificate for visa and immigration issues. dafly is independent from the TestDaF institute.

I want my school class to use dafly!

Great idea, please contact us via email!

I want to provide my employees an established German education - can I book dafly for my company?

Yes, please contact us via email!

My current German level is about B2 - is that okay for starting the dafly TestDaF Niveau 4 course?

Yes, perfect.

My current German level is A2, can I do a dafly course?

Soon. We are developing more courses at the moment, so that learners of all levels can gain great German skills!